About Us

Founded in the year 2002, R&D Instrument Services is a partnership company started by Professionals in Calibration having more than 35 years of Experience.

R&D Instrument Services over these years have made innovative technical advancements, expertise in providing service & support for business & industries.

Situated in the heart of City Chennai-India, R&D employs well trained young instrumentation graduates with relevant experience in the field of calibration services. All calibrations jobs are handled confidently as per the work instructions.

All our calibration engineers are well aware of the accreditation values, procedures, formats, work instructions, uncertainty calculations to perform calibration both in house as well as on site locations.
Nowadays the world has become very small in terms of technology transfer, manufacturing of goods or products. The setting up of industries else where in the world has become very common among the industrialists. For new development or production of any quality products in any part of the world requires effective quality control. The quality control is achieved only by accurate measurements of instruments. The measurement process of periodic checking, comparison & recalibration thro` accredited calibration laboratory has become very essential, most reliable and internationally accepted.
We are improving our knowledge in the field of calibration services day by day.

We are enhancing by adding new facilities year by year, audit after another to cater the quality demands to the customer.

We invite each one of you to go thro` our website to know more about accredited calibration facility, list of instruments to be calibrated to get mutually benefited.

We look forward to receive your requirements with respect to our facility to enable us to contact you.